Why CanX

CanX, unlike other cannabis crypto coins, provides a solution to the financial and banking problems faced by those seeking legal cannabis. There is no interference of the banks or other financial institutes to trade CanX. This is why CanX has made the life of cannabis enthusiasts easier. With an lightning fast speed, CanX includes wallets (easily downloadable), reduced synchronization time, and higher network management.

CanX- The Solution for Cannabis Here

The current payment systems around the cannabis market are expensive and unbanked. CanX coin is a digital currency that acts as a medium of exchange. Since the blockchain ledger is transparent and undisputable, CanX is the perfect coin for the cannabis market for financial and regulatory audits creating a new level of trust and transparency with the cannabis industry stakeholders.

For the CanX coin, as soon as the user requests transaction, it is transformed into a block. This block is then announced over the network of computers for authentication and approval. After approval, the blocks are added and form a blockchain, and recorded as a permanent transaction.

The exclusive coin for the cannabis industry- 

CanX coin is created explicitly for the cannabis industry to support seamless selling/ distribution of medical & recreational pots. CanX coin is the best currency for businesses looking to leverage the growing cannabis market.

CanX Accepting

With our state-of-art mobile based vendor application, vendors can easily register and get the wallet operations within minutes to start accepting payments.

Future Plan & Growth Opportunities

CanX reflects the untapped potential and satisfies different areas of the cannabis market. Instant payment settlements and quick vendor onboarding are the two attractive features that showcase a bright future for CanX.

Size of Cannabis Industry

Estimated: USD 20.5 billion in 2020

Projected: USD 90.4 billion by 2026

CAGR of 28.0%

(Data source- https://bit.ly/3gpTOi3 MarketsandMarkets Research)

Things we have achieved


10K Customers

20+ City