About Us

CanX Making Cannabis Industry Fast and Secure



CanX is not just a currency but an easy to get involved experience for cannabis enthusiasts. CanX is an exotic asset for the cannabis industry that will be around for years to come owing to the increasing demands of the cannabis market. Despite the legalization of cannabis in about eleven US states and entire Canada, the shady image of the cannabis market remains. Hence, the financial institutions do not accept the money generated from this market, inhibited by regulatory restrictions.

CanX- The Solution for Cannabis Here

To solve the challenge of managing cash- transactions, the CanX crypto coin is introduced through a decentralized payment network.

Our goal is to facilitate secure transactions among all stakeholders in the cannabis industry. CanX coin connect all the registered dispensaries and allows real-world instant payments. We have already set up agreements and signed MoU’s with the companies associated with the cannabis industry to ease the straightforward, secure, and more accessible transaction.

With a supply of 84 million and nearly instant transaction speed, CanX coin aims at entering media light through contract transparency and validation from cannabis fanatics.

Why CanX


CanX, unlike other cannabis crypto coins, provides a solution to the financial and banking problems faced by those seeking legal cannabis. There is no interference of the banks or other financial institutes to trade CanX.


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